In 2006 Jonathan Valdman founded Forever Flowering Greenhouses® in an effort to develop a commercial grade greenhouse company that could address the future needs of specialty crops while still having an emphasis on reducing carbon footprints and minimizing production costs.

Through years of hands on experience and commitment to the highest quality products he and his team at FFG have built a culture of innovation as the Leaders in Light Dep®.

Valdman is a regular contributor to industry respected publications and speaks internationally about sustainable cultivation practices, developing values-led principals into business protocols and adding value to products through these practices.

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Eric Brandstad is a greenhouse expert, consultant and the general manager at Forever Flowering Greenhouses®. A recognized authority on greenhouse site development and greenhouse efficiency, he has served as a consultant to greenhouse operators around the country for more than 10 years. A popular public speaker, Mr. Brandstad has empowered thousands of people through his radio and television interviews and public appearances with his greenhouse expertise.

Eric has been invited to speak at many agricultural events to help educate farmers and investors on how plants react in the greenhouse environment. He has appeared and been invited as a greenhouse expert at many elite industry events.

Eric has been managing Forever Flowering Greenhouses® since 2007. He’s originally from San Joaquin County where his family has been commercially farming since 1862. Since starting with FFG, he has consulted with hundreds of greenhouse owners to help them with greenhouse site development and efficiency.

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