With over two decades in the industry and 9 years in the greenhouse business FFG knows what you need to get the job done right the first time. Whether you are looking at a 16’x24′ Cold Frame with a manual blackout system or you are applying for StateIMG_0344 approved gutter-connected automated systems to cover large quantities of land we can assist in designing your project. Ask about our FFG approved independent installation crews to get your project moving quick and done on time. Just another reason why Forever Flowering is your best option for ordering the right equipment and completing turn key grows. and 888-78G-HOUSE

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Preferred Consultants

  • RIFFtech has been in the industry for 22+ years, developing the following unique combination of skillsets:
    • building automated greenhouses
    • operating automated greenhouses
    • off-grid applications
    • understanding the advanced electronic controls
    • offering our experience & knowledge base to others as a service.
  • RIFFtech has completed an entire grow cycle from remote. Cutting labor hours by 420 hours per grow cycle, water usage by 85%, no without an electricity bill, and eliminating human error.
  • RIFFtech was born out of the need to help consult with other growers that have automated light dep facilities similar to our own. It’s a complicated operation and we are here to help our clients maximize their potential with all of the complex automation. We have multiple clients that retain RIFFtech to manage their software/automation needs.
  • RIFFtech has built a strong relationship with Forever Flowering Greenhouses (the leading mfg of automated light dep) to be their lead rep when it comes to clients looking for the most advanced facilities. RIFFtech is FFG’s Humboldt County sales rep. This puts RIFFtech in a unique position where we are involved in nearly every sale FFG does, we are typically then hired by the farmer to set-up the electronics, and act as their point of contact indefinitely for customer support.


Read more about RIFFtech by going to their website:



Biovortex is a biologically minded art project dedicated to influencing the cannabis industry towards a regenerative future. The way we farm has the power to breathe new life into the land or deplete it. We choose to play a healing role by working with nature and developing closed loop systems that take advantage of on-site resources. Our cultivation strategies are based in soil building, rainwater catchment, wildcraft ferments, biodynamic composting, mulching, companion planting, poly culture, huglekulture, and promoting native biodiversity. We believe the highest quality pure medicine is achieved through theses practices.

We are also dedicated to breeding in the quest to work with nature to bring about new medicinally desirable cultavors that display resistance and health.

We are proud to be a certified Watershed Conscious Property by High Tide Permaculture and certified Pure by DEM




SolSolutions designs and builds solar power systems for off-grid and temporary needs. Complementing our solar equipment is a selection of the best in class energy efficient lighting and fans for Agriculture to help Green Your Grow. Furthermore, we offer Sustainable Event Services, utilizing our range of solar products and expertise to help increase event sustainability.
We are fully committed to helping customers to integrate their ideas with practical solutions to achieve energy independence and efficiency using quality, well-built products. Our products can be shipped across the US, with on-site service available in the Northern California region.

Specific to the Green Your Grow program, our offerings include:

  • Solar Power for Greenhouses, Operations and Properties
  • On Grid/Off-Grid Electrical Consultation and Connections
  • LED Grow Lights
  • Supplemental LED Lighting for Greenhouses
  • Solar Direct Greenhouse Fans
  • Forever Flowering Greenhouse Assembly



Elite Garden

elite-200px53Elite Garden provides management services, consulting and best-practice knowledge sharing dedicated to the development and operation of world-class commercial facilities. With over half a million square feet (and growing) of commercial facilities currently utilizing the Elite Model we have unparalleled experience allowing us to deliver best-in-class guidance in all aspects of start-up, management, operations and compliance.

Our services include:

  • Facility Design including Remediation and Infrastructure Retrofits
  • Startup and Launch Management
  • Security, Infrastructure, and Systems Implementation and Design
  • HR/Staffing Planning and Development
  • Accounting, Payroll, Insurance, Benefits and Backoffice SOPs
  • Proprietary Standard Operating Procedures
  • Engineered Nutrient and Growing Systems (Patents Pending)
  • Genetics Recommendations, Acquisition and Supply-chain Development
  • Distribution, Collective and Payment Processing Best Practices
  • Project Planning and Budget Development

Elite Garden’s consulting division works with select clientele through the United States to develop, and continuously improve, commercial cannabis operations. Our approach is three-fold:

  • Bring a group of seasoned experts with a measured, practical approach into emergent and existing operations and increase value across current and future investments;
  • Leverage data rather than dogma to support modern, superior decision-making within operations and, finally;
  • Provide the tools, network and creativity necessary to fulfill our client’s shared goal of producing world-class premium cannabis and related products at the highest possible margins.

Operating in facilities around the United States, with decades of experience gained around the globe, our know-how, technical acumen, relentless pursuit of innovations and unwavering commitment to our clients allows Elite Garden to deliver world-class results to our industry-leading clientele.

Ultimately, our goal is simple and 100% aligned with our clients – build an environment that facilitates the continuous improvement of product quality, operational performance and profitability.

For more information regarding how Elite Garden can assist you with a pre-licensure plan, pre-operational facility or a facility that is currently operational but in need of support, please contact us today.