logohjDragonfly Farm is a family owned farm dedicated to the regeneration and health of the earth and its humans. Vitality of water, soil, plants, humans, mycology and cellular renewal has been their focus for over a decade. They seek impact the earth in a positive way, and have begun with soil. Soil in its most basic form holds nutrients for the creation of life, but microclimates have different soils that contain a microbial community supporting the bacteria, fungi, microbes and plant life that is particular to that region. In undisturbed areas, soil is naturally rich and contain all that a native plant would need. Dragonfly Farm’s  passion is to vital soil environments that help each planted seed reach its fullest potential. Soils (and humans) need beneficial bacterias, fungi and healing herbs to feel great and grow healthy and vital.

The Dragonfly Farm is full of terraced, fertile gardens growing huge veggies and fruits, but only because fertile soil was created from the original rocky, thin, depleted topsoil.  The family added mycorrizae, bacteria and wildcrafted herbs to their soils. They  made teas with the nettles that were shooting up in the spring, composted bracken fern roots, fish heads from fishing in the lake, old alfalfa bales, weeds, grass cuttings and beneficial microbes.  They started collecting their own bacterias to make effective micro-organisim brews. They fill a 850 gallon tank with those brews, and gravity feed the gardens.  They have created living, vibrant soils that allow all plants to have ultimate yields.

our-farm-imgDragonfly Earth Medicine has created 7 products using mycorrhizae, beneficial bacterias and organic herbs to help you replenish your soil.  All of their products are made with organic ingredients and come from farms and laboratories that are earth conscious. They have put a lot of heart and soil into their business with the hope that you try their products to improve your garden’s health.