mycorrhizaeEndomycorrhizae: “I give you carbohydrates which I am good at producing with the help of photosynthesis and you give me phosphorus”. – this is a conversation between mycorrhizae and plants. Mycorrhizae is one of the first recorded examples of a biological market operating in which both partners reward fair trading rather than one partner having the advantage and exploiting the other.

Dragonfly Earth Medicine uses only Endo-mycorrhizae, because it works directly with broad leaf plants. This includes a vast amount of flowers, fruits, grasses, herbs, landscaping plants and garden vegetables (excluding beets, and brassicas). Endomycorrhizae benefits plants and soils by fighting unbeneficial bacteriae/disease/ fungus/pests, it secreates oils that breakdown tightly bound nutrients( making them readily available to plants), reduces toxicity uptake, expands the root zone for pronounced nutrient absorbtion. Plants are able to uptake significantly more phosphorus and nitrogen which allow the plant to achieve ultimate yields. By adding endo-mycorrhyizae, your gardens are able to survive droughts for a longer period of time. It also colonizes and provides the best growth enhancement and the best results for greenhouse crops and herbaceous plants.