Dragonfly Earth Medicine Feeding Recommendations:

These Feeding Recommendations are based off of DEM’s personal gardening experiences and preferences. Our herbal blends can be used liberally and often. When using 100% naturalorganic plant foods, there is no risk of burning or overfeeding your garden. The plant will recognize DEM products as superfoods. They will absorb all that they can and leave any nutrients behind that they will not need.

This ideology comes from the same idea that “you are what you eat”. Feed your plants nutritive superfoods for every feeding and they will be supercharged to be able to uptake much more nitrogen, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals. Dragonfly Earth Medicine is made from 100% plant based ingredients. We believe that plants love a vegetarian, superfood diet. All of our ingredients are fully sustainable , organic and made in small handmade batches in Oregon. We are creating herbal alchemy that is good for your gardens and the earth.

Radiant Green:
Every feeding during the vegetative stage and up to 2 weeks AFTER the beginning of flowering/fruiting.
After garden is in flower/fruiting combine with Fat Flowers for 3 consecutive feedings.

Fat Flowers:
Feed 2 weeks before flowering/fruiting and then every feeding throughout the flowering cycle.

Natural Mystik:
Can be sprayed directly on plants and top of soil everyday up until 2 weeks before harvest. Spray heavily on the New and Full Moon.

Brilliant Black:
Add to garden tea/brew every other feeding.
Use as foliar spray on New Moon and Full Moon.

Lush Roots:
Use for transplanting and cloning. Feed every 2 weeks throughout plant’s life cycle. Drench Plants on New and Full Moon.
Can be used as a foliar when un-beneficials are present.