Triple Layer Breathable Black Out Fabric

For those farmers who are interested in light deprivation but want to do it manually, we offer an array of durable breathable and non-breathable blackout fabrics. Our triple layer breathable fabric is black on one side and white on the other to deflect excess heat from the sun.

horti“The Original Triple Layer Breathable Black Out Fabric”

  • Triple Layer Breathable
  • Black On White
  • Heat Reflective
  • Ideal for Automated Blackout Systems

Non-Breathable Blackout Fabrics

FFG also carries a single layer Non-Breathable Blackout Material that is black on white. We offer two choices of poly-weave fabric to suite your needs. Our materials are of superior quality designed for longevity and a reduced impact on land fills due to the years of use you will get from using them.

  • Ideal for Manual Blackout
  • Use in conjunction with THE BREATHABLE WALL to get still get airflow during blackout times

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Blackout Fabric Pricing