Megatube Components

b11strip-aMegaTube Tubing:
This high performance tubing is formulated to last, UV and chemical resistant, will handle foot and small cart traffic, warranted for 10 years— designed to last for 50 years! Used in our engineered MegaTube Systems on ground, in concrete slab and sometimes in a rolling bench application. Ships on convenient, easy to handle 500 foot reels.

MegaTube Manifolds:
Manifolds are designed to direct the flow of hot water from the supply piping through the MegaTube out over the bed/slab providing gentle, even heat, returning the water to the return piping and heat source to be re-heated and re-circulated. Creating a hydronic or closed-loop system. The diameter of manifold pipe is determined through the engineering process, taking into consideration flow rate and heating application. MegaTube manifolds are custom manufactured to the width of your bed/slab. Schedule 80 PVC manifold piping is used for standard greenhouse heating installations. Schedule 80 CPVC is also available for high temperature installations.

MegaTube Grabber Trak:
The Grabber Trak does just that, it is designed to “grab” and hold the MegaTube firmly in its original spacing. The slots are placed every 1″ to provide total flexibility of the tube spacing. The groove in the base is for nails or screws, making centering a breeze. Available by the linear foot or on a continuous 150 foot reels.

MegaTube Fitting Family:
The fittings are inserted into the manifold, connecting the manifold to the tubing, clamps are used to secure the tubing to the fitting. Different fittings are available to accommodate various manifold configurations – see our range of greenhouse supplies.

b11strip-bMegaTube “I” Fitting:
For Manifolds installed at the end of a run. Recommended for a bed/slab up to 100 feet.

MegaTube “T” Fitting:
For manifolds installed at the center of a bench/bed. Sometimes called center-fed or butterfly headers. Recommended for bed/slab over 100 feet.

MegaTube Clamp:
Ensures a secure connection of the tubing to the fitting.

MegaTube Splice Union:
Used for tubing connection, in an installation or to repair a tube in an existing greenhouse system.

Components for Rolling Bench Connection:
A MegaTube rolling bench connection is similar to making the connection of a BioTherm MicroClimate system on a rolling bench. Please refer to page 15 for components you may need.

MegaTube Repair Kits:
Unfortunately accidents happen! Order a repair kit with your system, from our stock of greenhouse supplies, and be prepared. Repair the tubing by cutting out the damaged piece, adding a splice union, and clamp both sides splicer and you’re in business.

b11selectionMegaTube Manifold Repair Kits:
We recommend drilling “out” the damaged fitting, tapping threads, screwing in a plug, drilling a new hole nearby, inserting a new fitting and clamping the tubing to the fitting and you are ready to go. Everything you need to complete the repair is included in the kit.

MegaTube Goof Plug:
In case you decide to build your own manifolds and drill one too many holes, “Oh no I goofed”— we have the solution.