Greenhouse Heating Systems

megatube-wegandmtMegaTube is the Original BioTherm Microclimate’s big brother.
Using the same extrusion and manifolding technology, we created a jumbo size to provide a product that will work for a wide range of greenhouse heating applications. Because of its high tolerance to temperature and chemicals and its excellent heat transfer characteristics, MegaTube will provide years of optimum soil temperatures as part of a Greenhouse Heating System. Ask for our “Floor Warmer” brochure for packaged MegaTube systems.

Warm-Floor Systems:
MegaTube has been used extensively for warm-floor heating applications in offices and garden centers and even hog houses! It’s an extremely flexible material and for the small to mid-size project, provides a very simple and easy to install solution for heating any concrete area. Because it’s so flexible, it’s really easy to lay out, especially in a job where the manifolds need to make the tight squeeze in a wall space, closet, or under a shelf or counter.

Production Greenhouse Floor Heating:
MegaTube works well in non-concrete applications too! Because it’s so resilient and tough, you can put it down on the floor of a production area and cover it with sand or gravel. Or, you can simply run it on the surface for bag heating or vegetable crops. It’ll give you decades of service in either case.

Bench Heating:
For potted materials grown on benches, MegaTube located in the cross-members of the greenhouse bench frame provide a great balance between top heating and convective pipes located under the bench. Some bench manufacturers even provide “pre-punched” cross members to accommodate the tubes — call about it!


  • Long Life— 50 year life expectancy, 10 year limited warranty
  • Temperature Tolerant— -40F / +250F degrees
  • Chemical Resistive— withstands fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Excellent U.V. Resistance
  • Flexible— easy to install
  • Will not rust, corrode or build up minerals
  • Inside diameter, ⅜”, outside diameter, ½”
  • In concrete slab or in gravel floors