Light deprivation, light dep, is the ability to control the amount of hours of light, or photoperiod, that your plant is receiving. Typically done indoors under grow lights by turning the lights on and off, though in a greenhouse it is done by blocking the sunlight out of the structure with blackout fabrics. This gives the grower the ability to control the flowering cycle of a plant when dealing with natural lighting.

Outdoor farmers usually get one harvest at the end of the fall when all ‘full sun’ plants come to fruition. A farmer utilizing the technologies of light dep can harvest when ever they want and multiple times on the same piece of land. By harvesting before the usual fall crop, a grower gains the ability to bring product to market when supply is lower and demand is higher, creating a more valuable end product. The grower also creates more control over changing seasonal weather patterns by harvesting in more favorable times of the year with regards to fall rains and cold. Light deprivation can be done either manually or automatically. At FFG we were the first company to produce a fully automated light dep greenhouse with zero lumens of light.

The Auto Flowerer automated light deprivation kit is available for the Northern Latitude, OG and Retractable series. We are also the company that pioneered the manual light dep industry by introducing the original Breathable Blackout fabric and offering the highest quality non-breathable blackout fabrics that can be used season after season. In 2012 FFG also brought the game changing Breathable Wall into the market, giving growers the ability to provide full air flow with no light penetration eliminating the build up of excess heat and humidity while crops were ‘blacked out’.