Retractable Greenhouses

open-topThe Retractable Greenhouse is the most efficient and eco-friendly that FFG offers. Utilizing the effects of passive cooling and full environmental control systems – monitoring the leaf surface and soil temperatures – this greenhouse is strictly for the professional farmer.

Forever Flowering automated light deprivation greenhouses allow you to extend or shorten your growing season at the flip of a switch, using automated control systems to optimize your greenhouse for the growing conditions that you choose – regardless of the weather

  • Meets NGMA engineering standards
  • The ideal structure when you can open your roof completely
  • Utilizes the ability to allow beneficial UVs while roof is open and filters harmful UV when the roof is closed
  • Retractable roof and roll up sidewalls allow for passive cooling
  • Custom engineered for high wind though not ideal for heavy snow loads
  • Great house for desert applications
  • Ideal for commercial applications with gutter connected options
  • Available with FFG’s AutoFlowerer automated light deprivation kit with manual override
  • Retractable roofs afford the benefits of the natural outdoors and a greenhouse environment while avoiding the negatives of each
  • The higher yields of retractable roof greenhouses allow the grower to build fewer acres while still maintaining the same overall yield
  • Can be built in warmer climates where land is cheaper since cooling is no longer a limiting factor and heating is not necessary
  • It may not be necessary to install horizontal air flow fans since the opening of the walls and roof allows the wind to circulate more effectively
  • One motor can power up to 1.2 acres of Retractable roof making for extremely low energy consumption

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