Veterans and active duty personnel get 5% discount. Click here to email your documentation to with order details. Thank you for your service!
Veterans and active duty personnel get 5% discount. Click here to email your documentation to with order details. Thank you for your service!

Heating Options

Radiant Heat

Achieve Maximum Potential Year-Round

Radiant heating is the most efficient way to heat your plants. Once the root zone drops down below 60 degrees F, a significant loss in plant production and growth will be noticed. Through our closed loop heating system, first the root zone is heated, then the heat naturally rises up passively through the plants canopy, meeting the majority of your structure’s needs. Our engineered radiant systems are available in on-floor tubing, bench systems, below-grade applications, and can be installed in the bottom area of raised beds.

Finned Pipe Canopy Heating

Achieve Maximum Potential Year-Round

In the field for over 11 years! All of these finned heat-pipe products have been developed with a few simple concepts in mind:

  • Quick installation by unskilled labor – with no leaks.
  • Low water volume and high heat transfer for quick response.
  • No maintenance exterior – no painting, ever.

Constructed of super-conductive aluminum alloy, these products provide low-mass, high-output heating for under-bench, under-gutter, cut-flower, and perimeter applications. All the products share a common fitting system and accessories. Each one excels at specific jobs as you will see.

Low Volume/Low Mass

Low-mass, low-water volume greenhouse heating systems are essential for today’s precisely controlled greenhouses. Our finned heat-pipes give you systems with high reaction/response to greenhouse temperature changes. Since only a small amount of water needs to be heated, setpoints are easily maintained, and the temperature lead/lag associated with high mass systems is eliminated. Compared to standard hot water pipe systems, these systems can have as much as 80% less water volume which means quick startups and less temperature overshoot, and much better energy efficiency.

In addition to aluminum’s excellent heat transfer capabilities, it holds up to the harsh elements of the greenhouse environment. These pipes withstand all commonly used fertilizers and typical greenhouse chemicals. They will not rust or corrode. Also, a side benefit of lower water volume is that you need substantially less water treatment than with conventional systems.

The most economical approach to heating your greenhouse is through forced air above canopy heating. However it is not necessarily the most effective manner to address the heating needs of your plants. When a forced air heater dispenses heat into your structure it heats from the top down which is not the most efficient way of heating a structure.

In addition, the heat from this type of heating system, though warming up the ambient air temperature will not be very effective in heating up the root zone of the plant, the most important part of the plant to be kept warm.

Compared to a radiant heating system, canopy heating lacks efficiency. Every time you exchange air in, you are dumping out all the warm air, and in essence have to start from scratch. Whereas a radiant heating system has a continuous stream of warmth on the underside of the root zone and will continue to provide heat to the roots and passively through the canopy even when exchanging the air in the greenhouse. When used in conjunction with a radiant heating system a forced air type of heater can greatly reduce condensation in the structure as well as a create a more comfortable atmosphere for your workers.

MegaTube Floor & Bench Heating

Achieve Maximum Potential Year-Round

Using the same extrusion and manifolding technology, we created a jumbo size to provide a product that will work for a wide range of greenhouse heating applications. Because of its high tolerance to temperature and chemicals and its excellent heat transfer characteristics, MegaTube will provide years of optimum soil temperatures as part of a Greenhouse Heating System.

Warm-Floor Systems:
MegaTube has been used extensively for warm-floor heating applications in offices and garden centers and even hog houses! It’s an extremely flexible material and provides a very simple and easy to install solution for heating any concrete area. Because it’s so flexible, it’s really easy to lay out, especially in a job where the manifolds need to make the tight squeeze in a wall space, closet, or under a shelf or counter.

Production Greenhouse Floor Heating:
MegaTube works well in non-concrete applications too! Because it’s so resilient and tough, you can put it down on the floor of a production area and cover it with sand or gravel. Or, you can simply run it on the surface for bag heating or vegetable crops. It’ll give you decades of service in either case.

Bench Heating:
For potted materials grown on benches, MegaTube located in the cross-members of the greenhouse bench frame provide a great balance between top heating and convective pipes located under the bench.

  • Long Life— 50 year life expectancy, 10 year limited warranty
  • Temperature Tolerant— -40F / +250F degrees
  • Chemical Resistive— withstands fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Excellent U.V. Resistance
  • Flexible— easy to install
  • Will not rust, corrode or build up minerals
  • Inside diameter, ⅜”, outside diameter, ½”


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