Veterans and active duty personnel get 5% discount. Click here to email your documentation to with order details. Thank you for your service!
Veterans and active duty personnel get 5% discount. Click here to email your documentation to with order details. Thank you for your service!



At Forever Flowering, we pride ourselves on making ventilation a top priority. Our systems utilize passive cooling as our first stage by integrating our ridge vents and side vents to allow hot moist air to escape the structure passively. By using a combination of passive air movement and circulation fans our greenhouse design will save you money on operating costs as well as elongating the lifespan of fans, shutters and cooling systems. Ventilation should not be overlooked, and we partner with Schaefer, J and D and Vostermans to bring growers the best options on the market.

Vertical Air Flow (VAF)
Mix the different ‘levels’ of air quality spanning the vertical range of your grow to create a balanced temperature and humidity quality throughout your workspace from the ground to the peak of your structure.
At FFg, our research has shown that VAF fans provide a more ideal growing environment and can sometimes be less invasive on your plant due to the way they move air up as opposed to blowing right on the plants.

Product Advantages:
– Airflow close to the ground
– Savings on energy costs
– Control over humidity

JD360 VAF FAN: Is an effective destratification fan that mixes the heavy, cool, dense air that is sunk to ground level with the warm, light, thin air that lingers towards the top of your facility. This provides a comfortable and uniform healthy environment from the top of the peaks to the ground of your house. It’s the perfect vertical, low-airspeed circulator and it’s paired with J&D’s impressive IP66 rated Gold Star Motor that is covered by a 3-year warranty. It’s easy to install and maintenance free.

Vosterman V-FloFan: has been specifically developed for ‘Next Generation Growing’ (NGG) in the horticultural sector, which aims to create a uniform climate and to generate an air movement layer between the plants as efficiently as possible. The V-FloFan succeeds in these goals by blowing down the warm air from the ridge of a greenhouse or building, helping you save on heating costs. In addition, a constant low airspeed is created close to the ground.

Horizontal Air Flow Fan (HAF):
Reduce heat stress and improve air quality with Schaefer’s uniquely designed circulation fans. Unrivaled in the market, these fans are engineered to produce greater air movement and superior cooling no matter the application. You don’t hear them. You don’t see them. You only feel them! Also known as Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) fans, these fans move air in a coherent horizontal pattern creating a gentle ‘racetrack’ air flow pattern needed in greenhouses to maximize heat distribution and humidity control by mixing the air, from ceiling to floor.

– Deep guard design for unmatched performance, low noise levels and safety without sacrificing airflow
– Matched high quality motors and blades for maximum efficiency
– Powder coated steel guards for increased durability and corrosion resistance
– Hot dipped galvanized guards on VK12-GA and VK20-GA models for even greater rust protection
– Powder coated steel mounting bracket and power cord included
– Wide variety of mounting options available for flexible and easy installation
– Variable speed controls available
– Misting kits available for even greater cooling
– Two year warranty
– Made in the USA

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Circulation Fans

JD360 (VAF), VFLO 120 Volt (VAF), VFLO 240 Volt (VAF), VFLO 265-460 Volt (VAF), 8” (1,000 CFM) (HAF), 12” (1,470 CFM) (HAF), 20” (5,470 CFM) (HAF), 24” (7,860 CFM) (HAF)

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